As sad as we are that the year is coming to a close end, we’re also super excited for the annual festival season. Next stop, Cairo International Film Festival!

Tonight, November 20th, witnessed the opening ceremony. So without any further ado, let’s break down our list of best dressed celebrities.


Durra has never failed to rock those red carpet moments, why fail now? The black embroidered dress and the simple hairdo are giving off a royal vibe that we just love. Astonishing as usual!

Menna Shalaby

Who said a maxi cut is out of style? Menna Shalaby pulled this champagne multi-layered flow-y dress like a true star. We also dig the blonde highlights!

Passant Shawky

Do we, girls, like anything more than bubblegum pink? Shutout to Passant Shawky for always serving bold and out-of-the-box looks!

Hala Shiha

As a newcomer (somewhat) to the red carpet, Hala Shiha seems like she’s doing a good job. The simple two-piece fits her perfectly and we could definitely see her emergence as a style icon!

Hana Shiha

You can never fail with a long tailed emerald green dress. Hana Shiha sure knows how to dress to impress, just like her sister!

Asmaa Abu El Yazid

Will you take a look at this piece of art that is Asmaa Abu El Yazid? Excellent choice of color and a bold design. She’s gradually becoming a favorite!

Sherine Reda

When we saw Sherine Reda’s dress we instantly thought “DREAMY”. It’s so simple, yet so elegant! Apparently blue is growing on our celebrities, huh?


The queen of hearts? The Lebanese beauty stole eyes in this beautiful maroon classic cut. We seriously admire her fashion choices in the past few years!

Tara Emad

We don’t know, but Tara Emad’s dress was giving us mermaid vibes. Don’t you think? We mean, look at the aquamarine ruffles and the patterns on that dress!

Injy Wegdan

How cute is this black dress on Injy Wegdan? Great choice of color, fabric and cut. You Go Girl!

Heba Magdy

Yes, this one came to us as a surprise too. who knew Heba Magdy has a little fashionista inside? Give us a cute yellow dress, and we’re in!

These are our top favorite gowns from the night. We could really see the effort this year. Don’t you think?