2018 planners

For all the maniacs that plan their entire year ahead, the reason why you are still alive is because of the existence of planners. Planners are what every successful person needs, because without them they would lose track of all their deadlines and meetings.

Here comes this exciting point of every year, where you are supposed to go planner shopping. We got your back this time and compiled a list of the coolest 2018 planners. (You can click on the headings to check their respective FB pages)


This year Mofakera outdid themselves. There are lots of different designs that would suite different tastes. The planner itself is very colorful and cheerful. It is divided into different sections of travel, your birthday date, coloring sections and so much more. The package contains one planner, a to-do list notepad, stickers, a book mark, 4 mug coasters and wrapping papers of the same design. You can find them in many of the renowned bookstores across Egypt.


Nootah’s planner is one of the top notch Egyptian ones. Every month has its own theme, color code and motivational quote. Tracking your monthly goals in terms of budget planning, meal planning, sleeping patterns and social life becomes easier. You will find a to-do list within the planner and space for creativity as well. You can order online as they deliver all across Egypt.


Spaces planners have a wide variety of amazing patterns and different styles that makes it hard to choose from. The package includes a notebook, 2 coasters, a bookmark, stickers booklet, a gift box and a wallpaper calendar; all following the same pattern. The planner itself contains 12 budget plans, 12 coloring pages and 19 other pages that will help you organize your life along with the daily planning pages. You can order it through their website or by visiting any of the stores listed on their FB page.

The Notebook Couch

This planner is not just like any planner, as it helps you coach yourself throughout the year. You place your oath, list your values, 2018 vision, life goals, challenges and year’s anchor. There are lots of different artsy designs that are very inspiring. You can order it through a link on their FB page.

Simple Things

For those who prefer coily notebooks and planners, then this is definitely your choice. This planner is for the simple people who admire simplicity. It is simpler in terms of design relative to most planners, hence it’s called ‘Simple Things’. The package comes with additional stickers and ‘add on’ papers that can be added to your planner. You can order one of these through their FB page.


Even if you were never fond of planners, this collection will surely make you fall in love with them. Not only that, but they will also help you organize your life and plan it more efficiently.