Best Friends With Your Mum

Being best friends with your mom is one of God’s greatest blessings. You get the chance to have an awesome mom and the finest best friend you could ever wish for; it’s like a two in one offer!

Moms are like superheroes, and who wouldn’t want to be friends with a superhero? It is never too late to have this kind of relationship with your mom; start now and you’ll see how amazing your life will be!

For future moms, here is a short list of how amazing you can be to your daughters/sons.

Your Super Woman

We all go through a lot especially during our teen years, and what more could we need than a wise mom to give us the best piece of advice out there?

Ever been in trouble and needed a grownup’s opinion? Or liked a boy too much that you couldn’t see how bad of a choice he was? Ever been in a fight with one of your closest friends and you thought your friendship was going to end?

Guess who can save the day? Yup you got it right, it’s your mom.

Your Backbone

No matter how bad you feel or how awful your day might be, going back to her and talking about it just makes everything better. She will always be there for you on the darkest days, even before any of your friends.

Your Love Guru

Moms always set rules for you to follow and when it comes to love, it is highly questionable to have full freedom, especially at a young age.

But when you are best friends, you get to talk about your love life freely, with no restrictions. She will give you love advice on how to win that boy you like, or what present to get your girlfriend.

 Your Secret Keeper

Regardless of what is going on your mind, you can always share it with her. The fear of being judged is never there; she technically saw you naked for more than she can remember. You guarantee that even if you fight, your secret will never be out in the open.

Your Gossip Partner

While gossip with your friends is great and all, but your mom’s gossip surpasses anything else. You’ll be having your own communication language that no one understands. The best of all are the inside jokes that crack you both up even after hearing it for the millionth time.

Your Personal Cheerleader

Having friends that support you all the way is super great, but it’s different with your mom. It’s like having a personal cheerleader, who constantly cheers for you and only you. She will motivate you when you’re about to give up because she believes in you no matter what.

She will always have your best interest at heart because she wants you to be a better version of herself.

Your Cool Parent

We all have rules, but what’s amazing about this friendship is that the closer you get, the more she trusts you. With trust comes more freedom, which makes you the coolest kid with the coolest mom because you can do whatever you want while not going behind her back.


Finally, being best friends with your mom feels like you’re having a constant sleepover with your friends. Pretty amazing, right?