Shopping became a hassle in Egypt, and chances are you’ll be wearing the same thing as everyone else. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of shopping, or want to be unique, then you should consider online shopping. Many people fear buying things online, and don’t trust the process, and think they might not be delivered, but online shopping is very safe, and do in fact get delivered. What’s even good about online shopping, is that the overall price is usually cheaper than the average store in Egypt, especially if you shop during sales.

Here are some of the best online stores that ship to Egypt, either free or cheap, and are guaranteed to be delivered to you.

Custom prices: Custom prices usually differ and depend on the weight. It’s usually on an average of 500 to 1000 LE.

Be Inspired Boutique

beinspiredboutique2 beinspiredboutique1

What makes this store unique is that it has a “Like mommy” section that provides dresses for mothers and their daughters. They have all sizes, including plus sizes, which fit everyone.

Price Range: ~$30 to $40

Shipping rate: $21.95

Sour Puss

Sour Puss1 Sour Puss2

This store leans more towards the alternative and pinup looks for men and women. The prices are reasonable, and the shipping is cheap. They have more than cloth, including underwear and housewares.

Price Range: ~$35 to $50

Shipping rate: Depending on weight, but is overall cheap

Hot Topic

hottopic hottopic2

This is another alternative fashion store, for men and women, and they have plenty of pop culture merch. Their prices are overall cheap, and their clearance and sale are extremely cheap. They have many offers as well, such as 50% or even 75% off the whole website, so make sure you join their mailing list for the offers.

Price Range: ~$15 to $40

Shipping rate: Depending on weight, but is overall cheap




This store’s fashion leans more towards the bohemian, girly, look. Everything is casual chic, and easy to wear.

Price Range: ~$40 to $60

Shipping rate: Free shipping for orders over $75


roots2 roots1

The Canadian store has an Earth style and specializes in the leather fashion, for both genders. Since its Canadian based, it’s really suggested that you buy only winter items.

Price Range: ~$40 to $70

Shipping rate: $35


human1 human2

This isn’t really a “fashion store,” but they have great Shirts with witty puns and one-liners.

Price Range: ~$30

Shipping rate: $7.99

Shop Jeen

shopjeen shopjeen2

The best way we could describe this store is by calling it “pothead chic.” The store is focused on pop culture, and everything is fun and youthful. It’s for both gender, and their accessories are to die for.

Price Range: ~$30

Shipping rate: $10 for over $200


Reformation2 Reformation1

Everything in this store is chic, classy, and casual. Their prices are a bit high, but the quality compensates for it.

Price Range: ~$200

Shipping rate: Free Shipping