After 30 days, the Ramadan marathon is over. But if you’re a loyal drama fan, you’d know that all episodes don’t compare to the last one. Most series tend to save their best for last. So, let’s take a look at the best Ramadan 2020 finales together!

B 100 Wesh

This didn’t come as a surprise actually. Being the best series this Ramadan, it’s no wonder the finale was also THE BEST. Our wishes came true and our favorite gang managed to flee the country!

El Brens

A finale that screams “vengeance is sweet.” Radwan El Brens kept his promise and he really did deliver one of the coolest comebacks ever. Not to mention, the wedding shenanigans at the end!

W Nheb Tany leh

Hands down, the most positive, blood-free, romantic finale. Another wedding that we just loved and a special appearance by MONA ZAKI that was just jaw-droppingly good!

El Ekhteyar

It was no surprise that the last episode of El Ekhteyar was every bit as heartbreaking as every other episode.

Hekayet Ahd

Another vengeance? Alright. Despite being a repetitive theme this Ramadan, Yousra’s was sure one we can’t complain about. Because Hesham definitely deserved better, right?

lama Kona Soghyreen

We were right all along when we felt like something wasn’t right with the events. It’s normal when it’s all built on a lie well-crafted by Donya. So, this made the finale quite interesting; seeing the truth gradually unfold.

Which finale did you guys enjoy the most?