Gamers’ utopia just took place a couple of days ago and for 3 consecutive days, the gaming world witnessed what many describe as the most entertaining Electronic Entertainment Expo yet to be held. From new games and DLCs to new consoles, we bring to you the highlights of this amazing day.



After loosing ground against the unrivaled PS4, Microsoft came in this E3 with loads of stuff. Desperate as they are, they announced 2 new Xbox systems: the sleeker Xbox One S and the more powerful and secretive “Project Scropio”. Apart from the games and the consoles, the best reveal for Microsoft this year is the new “play anywhere” feature which will render one-time purchased games playable on all capable Windows devices. Thanks for helping us save money *Kashing!!*

2-God of War


A more wiser Kratos made his debut this E3 with a magnificent beard and a more stunning release video. God of War is one of Sony’s AAA titles and it was only time before we had a new installment for the PS4 system.

3-Mass Effect Andromida


Did you enjoy the previous 3 releases of Mass Effect? Get ready because coming next March is Mass Effect Andromida. Judging by the released footage and the fact that it’s running on Frostbite engine, we are looking forward for yet again an amazing futuristic RPG adventure by Bioware studios.



Bethesda gave us Fallout and the Elder Scrolls and now they are releasing a new psychedelic first person shooter. A sequel to the 2006 game, this will take gamers into a semi-linear level design filled with horrifying alien encounters and an even more thrilling story-telling experience.

5-Fifa 17


Get ready to forget about the $ht!y Fifa 16 and behold the dawn of a more realistic soccer game. Adopting Frostbite engine (Ezay tyb?), EA seems bent on offering a more immersive single player gameplay instead of the lousy old “legend” mode.

6-Quake Champions


Remember Quake, the FPS game that came out almost 2 decades ago and defined the genre? I do, because whether you are a battlefield or a COD fan, they are following the footsteps of this pioneering title. Get ready cause it’s back again with more blood, gore, action, game modes and bullets.

7-Skyrim Remastered


History have shown us gamers that newly released games are fun, and remastered ones offer even more than that. Finally, we are getting the amazing remastered Skyrim with its polished graphics on our new generation consoles *wohoo*