Got your eye on a cute guy who doesn’t seem to notice you? Try these tips guaranteed to capture his attention! 

A great smile goes a long way in making anyone look attractive! Give him your best smile and his heart is guaranteed to flutter.

There is something mystical about a girl’s hair. The way it moves flirts with a guys’ eye. So let your hair do the talking (just make sure it looks good, split ends & greasy hair won’t flirt so well!)

Keep it simple when it comes to applying make-up. He is attracted to pretty girls not a drag queen wanna-be!

Compliment his looks in a not so obvious or cheesy way. No need for “have you been working out?” kind of line that triggers a porn-movie reference instantly. You don’t want that.

Don’t be an annoying girly girl! Stop complaining about your broken nail, your bitchy best friend or how you can’t wait to buy the latest Chanel bag.

Charm him with eye contact. Specially with good make-up tricks, your eyes can look very alluring and will certainly lock his attention.


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