It’s officially Leo time! August is the month we get to celebrate all the Leo kings and queens in our lives. Why wouldn’t we really?

They are so much more complex than their “starry” reputation. They are feisty, charismatic and determined! Since they are pretty much the celebrities of the zodiac signs, it’s only normal that rumors and stereotypes have always followed them.

We are about to shatter 5 of the most common misconceptions about Leos below. So, if you think you know a Leo, think again!

1# Loves Being the Center of Attention

Despite the fact that Leos, especially the ladies, do enjoy the attention when they get it, that doesn’t mean they are attention seekers. A Leo would prefer to have the attention from one person they really care about to a room full of strangers!

2# The Ultimate Drama Queens

First things first, there’s a huge difference between being dramatic and being passionate. While Leos tend to obsess over certain details they feel passionate about, they also overlook a lot. So, if they give you a drama vibe, be sure it’s only because they really care about certain things.

3# Leos Are Selfish

A Leo person is driven and determined. You may see it like they’re looking out for their personal interests only, but that’s not all true. Leos are really helpful and emotionally generous with the people they care about. And honestly, who could blame someone who is goal-oriented and trying to have the best life?

4# Social Extroverts

Just because people find them alluring and attractive, doesn’t mean they ask for it. On the contrary, Leos could be really shy and introverted, socially. It would take you a lot of time to get to know one. But when you do you will fall in love!

5# Human-Peacocks!

The biggest misconception of them all, Leos are arrogant. Just because they are so confident, opinionated and comfortable in their own skin, they usually come off as egotistic. But this is nether here nor there! Leos too, have their insecurities.

That being said, you should feel really lucky if you have a Leo in your life. Nevertheless, they could be a bit tough around the edges. That’s why you’ll need to take your time to really get to know them and break their walls. If you manage to do that, we guarantee you’ll have them for life!