Out of every five friends, you’ll find at least one who spent a minimum of one year in a Gulf state. For me, I am that friend. When Egyptians fly back home from El 5aleeg for vacation or any other purpose, they tend to bring back the most weird or unusual things which other people would never carry around from one country to another. While I waited for my luggage, I always saw some of the most amazing items spinning around on the belt loader. Below are a few examples of the items Egyptians bring from El 5aleeg:

1. Large quantities of soap, shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, toothpaste and other self-care products. It’s essential to have a handbag that won’t zip because it’s ceiling full of these items. If Egyptians care so much about hygiene, why are they that smelly?
20012. Large quantities of food. Don’t ask me why, but you would always find some frozen chicken legs dangling out of a bag on the belt loader. The owner’s personal information and purpose of travel would also be written on the bag. I heard food in Egypt was scarce, maybe that’s why we bring back so much food with us.index

3. All kinds of electronics. This may seem reasonable considering the huge difference in pricing between us and the Gulf countries. However, is it worth to see your brand new 72 inch LCD screen get shattered on the belt loader?200j

4. I kid you not, I once saw a bathroom ‘shafat’ (suction fan). This made me wonder so much and I kept thinking about it for so long. I desperately wanted to know who it belonged to without judging, because it was just so amusing and flashy to the eye. PS. it looked exactly like the one in the picture below.27416

5. Isn’t Egypt famous for cotton and its products? Pillows and blankets? Why the hell would Egyptians bring back such products that their country is famous for? I need an answer to that. On the belt loader, it’s a common sight to see a big blanket wrapped inside a cardboard box and on the cardboard box, again, you would find a detailed description of the owner’s life. 2003

6. Let’s talk about gifts for a moment. Egyptians are generous, and sometimes our generosity causes problems with the weight at the check in counter. We must dedicate a fully loaded 32 KG bag just for gifts to our family and friends. It’s merely impossible to travel and come back without presents and we’re talking all the way from Calvin Klein boxers to that shattered 72 inch LCD screen.P1020228

7. Last but not least, our traveling reputation is so bad, we got featured in Khaled Youssef’s 7eena Maysara movie. In one of the scenes, Soliman Eid returns home from Iraq with a monkey after the American-Iraqi war. He couldn’t get hold of any of his properties and he decided he wasn’t going to return home empty handed. maxresdefaultUntitled