Body language

Written by: Mario William

We have crushed on many people in our lives, but we never really knew whether they liked us back or not. Body language is one of the most useful tools that help you find out if the person you’re facing likes you or not, and what makes it even more unique than any other love sign is that it cannot go unnoticed. Body language is the spontaneous movements and positions that the body makes unconsciously, but it also depends on the personality. Here are the main body language signs that indicate if he/she likes you:



Playing with Her Hair or Touching Her Neck

It’s one of the most common and important female body language signs. When a girl fiddles with her hair or touches her neck frequently while talking to you, it probably means that she likes you. If she is wearing hijab, she will also twirl the fabric of her hijab. This is due to several reasons; she may unconsciously want to reveal her feminine side or release the tension she’s feeling around you.

However, do not rush into thinking that this is the only sign that someone likes you. There must also be other supporting signals, so please do not think that any girl passing by playing with her hair is into you.

Eyes and Voice

Eye contact specifically depends on personality. If she’s shy, she will try to break the eye contact. If she is not, she will like to look into your eyes for a couple of seconds. However,the  majority of girls like to make eye contact to work on deepening the emotional bond between you. Her voice may change too and turn more delicate.

Bonus point: Did you know that if she likes you, her pupils may be dilated? This is a significant sign that she has no control over, but make sure the place is not dark.


If she is not a shy person, she might touch your arm or shoulder even if jokingly.

The way she positions her arms could also tell you a lot. Focus on them because if she is crossing her arms across her chest (uncontrolled of course), this is a negative sign that shows she is putting her body in a defensive position meaning that she might be feeling uncomfortable around you (unless it’s a usual position for her).


Girls usually laugh to show you that they’re enjoying your company and don’t want to end the conversation. If a girl giggles at what you’re saying, then hallelujah! She is probably into you especially when you know you are talking nonsense or your jokes are not that funny. But take care not to lose yourself in her smile, we know that you like her but focus on the conversation man!


Jealousy is the ultimate trick that will reveal any girl’s secret crush on you. When another girl comes close or if you’re talking to her about other girls, she will look sideways (not upward or downward) for a couple of seconds or more while you’re speaking, that means she’s jealous and refuses what happened or what you said. You can use this trick but don’t overdo it as she may think you are not interested in her!


Eye Contact

Guys like to make eye contact. He might look at you every now and then without you realizing; some guys might look at your face without looking directly into your eyes. If he’s staring at your face and daydreaming for a long period, don’t be afraid. That’s perfectly normal; he’s just into you!

Standing Closer

He likes to stand very close to you or sit next to you if possible. You will feel he’s trying to invade your personal space. In a more advanced stage, he will also try to touch your arm or hand in a funny way.

Making An Effort to Look Good

He tries to look good when he is going to meet you. If you ever mentioned that you like a specific item he wears, he will try to put it on frequently.

Tucking In His Belly 

This is one of the golden signs that shows he likes you. If he tucks in his belly around you, it only means he wants to look perfect in your eyes. If he’s already fit, he might touch his body or stand with his back straight when talking to you (depends on his personality).

Body language is not just movements and gestures, it’s a jam packed with interesting science that you must keep a watchful eye for. We provided you with some of our tips, and the rest is on you, my friend. So choose carefully the person who deserves your love.