At 10 AM (Dec 11th) a bomb exploded in St. Marks Orthodox Cathedral in Abbassiya. A state official from the Ministry of Health gave a statement on  Nile T.V. that the death toll has reached 20 people along with 35 injured. However several sources are unclear on the number, with Associated Press issuing a death toll of 22 people. 

The Ministry of Health official also said that 14 ambulances were stationed at the site of the explosion. While an official from the Ministry of Interior pointed out that the Rasolan Botros and Poles church (الكنيسة البطرسية) was the one involved in the explosion; whose prayer hall is close to the gate way of the cathedral.

A report issued by Nile TV states that the bomb was thrown into the main hall of the church by an unknown suspect, and the explosion caused the casualties and compromised the architectural integrity of the building. Others claim it was put under a seat in the women’s section, and another source claimed it was put in a room inside the church.The casualties have been moved to Demerdash Hospital where they are receiving care.