Whether you get together with your extended family once every year, or every decade, it’s important to cherish the precious moments you spend with your family.

The following are some activities that will spice up any family gathering and keep you guys highly entertained, rather than just sitting with your faces glued to your phone screens, waiting to eat and bail.

1-Cooking Competition:

The main reason everybody is really there is to eat…FACE IT!

You can use that time for your own amusement as you could have a classic cooking competition, and everybody is the winner after all.


2-Embarrassing Photos :

As other people wait for the cooking competition to end so they can finally eat, they can take that time to check out old family albums and share embarrassing old photos.


3-Family Stories

My absolute favourite, old family stories, especially if there are  embarrassing pictures that can verify the story or make it more credible; old people lie too, you know!


4- Family Trip

You guys need to bond; you can definitely do so with a nice family trip every now and then. You get to travel together for a few days without having the luxury to leave whenever you want. You can engage in a lot of fun activities including setting up a bonfire, having a barbecue or playing football while the kids get to play without actually risking breaking anything.

Family Reunion 2010

5- Charades

That game can be the highlight of your day or the downfall of your evening, as with different generations comes different movies, and that can either make the game interesting or make it so hard  that it actually gets boring. Anyway, charades are worth it!



6-The Traditional Cards/Board Games:

Playing card games is also a great way for families to bond. Traditional card games for families usually include kids too, which is a perfect way to fill the awkward moments and give kids a little less time to misbehave.


7-Playstation Time:

It’s action time! You can experience the fun and excitement of the most popular gaming experience nowadays. It’s the only activity where age doesn’t matter, as the controllers do all the talking in the room full of adults and kids.


These activities have provided some of the funniest and most memorable times I’ve had with my family; try it and you might actually enjoy something other than the food this time for change!