It has become rare nowadays to stumble upon a good read and actually enjoy the journey you take with the author. In my last trip to Kunst Library and café in Abdel Khaleq Tharwat, Downtown, I bought the ‘Circle of Seen’ by photographer and artist Hala el-Koussy. The book is Koussy’s first literary attempt and quite an astonishing one.

The book depicts an almost daily journey the protagonist takes in an imaginary circle of a 250 meters width, she subconsciously drew it in her mind and applied it to her life. The book is full of short yet interesting snippets of life in downtown.  

It is a colorful literary photo album full of beautiful imagery, memories for those who are familiar with this historical district and interesting analysis of certain cinematic masterpieces.

The language used is simple and beautiful easily grasped by the reader transforming wonderful imagery to the heart and mind. The Circle of Seen is definitely a recommended read.