We all have this perfect picture of how, when and where we will meet the love of our lives. How this perfect person will come and make all our lives suddenly better, happier and more worthy. Our perception of love changed; we expect to have this mesmerizing love story as if we’re part of a movie or a story in a book.

The question remains, is this even realistic to have these kinds of expectations? Do they happen in real life or are they just part of a fantasy that is fabricated to grab the reader/watcher’s attention?

I believe that books and movies illude us into having unrealistic expectations and change our perception of love and here is how.

#1: Love At First Sight Doesn’t Really Exist

You don’t magically fall in love with someone that you just met; this is a fantasy that many people trick us into believing. Yes, you might get attracted to someone that you just met, but is that really love?

#2: Romanticizing the Pain in Love

Books and movies romanticize the pain associated with loving someone, making us feel like love is painful and that we should carry on with this relationship. But love and pain are two different feelings that have nothing to do with one another. Love sometimes is painful, but only ‘sometimes’.

#3: Bad Boys Can Change

I won’t say that this example can never happen in real life, but what are the actual odds of it happening? Don’t date a playboy and wait for him to change everything about his character and attitude for you in the name of love. Because people don’t really change, at least not on my watch!

#4: Life isn’t Just About Being With Someone

Romantic books and movies center the lives of the characters around love and nothing but love. But in reality, life has so much more than just love. You shouldn’t make your relationship with your partner, the only important thing in your life. You have to allocate time to your career, health, solitude and your family and friends too.

#5: The Happy Ending

Happy endings don’t happen in real life because eventually, people die. So even if you are now with the person you love, you gotta do the same amount of effort that you used to do to win them over. Because having that amazing wedding is not your happy ever after, like in movies/books.


#6: Idea of Being Saved By Your Partner

Love is great and all, but movies/books trick us into believing that our partners are our salvation. That this person will come and save us from our misery, pain and depression. In reality, you are the person who should save yourself, because no one will ever save you!

#7: Not All Fights End in a Kiss

Fights don’t end in a kiss because probably both parties are too stubborn to end the fight. It is known that Egyptian fights end with either the husband sleeping on the couch or the wife taking her kids to sleepover at her parents’ house. On a serious note though, fights end when the problems get resolved and definitely a kiss is not the solution!

#8: Expectations Vs Reality

Both partners start having unrealistic expectations about their lives together as a couple. For instance, girls expect that their partner will shower them with extremely expensive gifts and take them out on dates every couple of days as if they’re part of a fairytale. And guys expect their girls to always look stunning even when sleeping.

Don’t let books/movies fool you to the extent of ruining your real relationship with the person you love.