In this aptly-named hustling age, we’re all struggling. Some of us struggle with various life choices, growing up, or just finances.

Actually, who are we kidding? We’re all struggling financially and anyone who says otherwise deserves a huge props for being one of the rare ones.

So, what do you do if you’re broke and can’t afford shawerma two nights in a row?

Like the legendary Britney Spears once said, you better work.

The idea of work makes those of us with no background a little scared and those of us who have been there before shrink in fear.

The working body’s land is a land full of commutes and no sleep, but what if we tell you you’ll have to handle that only 3 days a week? Sounds pretty interesting, right?


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Yeah, we know the cliche. Everybody gets told to free-lance it until they make it, so it might seem like an inspirational lie.

Surprisingly, though, that might have been the one time when we didn’t make stuff up.

The beauty of freelancing is that you can pick everything. Your clients, your working space, and your working hours!


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This isn’t a job that anyone should turn down, if we’re being honest.

Other than the fact that you’re working with the most lovable creatures on earth, you’re also getting off easy.

This job’s only real test is the poop bag, but come on, some of you guys might have to care for children some day.

A job like this is only as difficult as you make it. Besides, trying to get into the dog-walking world has never been easier since we have apps for that now, examples including Fluffy Sitters.

Disclaimer: not for the dog-phobic crowd.

Customer Service

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Before we write any word on this particular job, we’re aware of all the blood (sometimes literal), sweat, and tears that go into customer service.

The only perk this job has is its constant availability and the fact that you can pick being part-time, so you can limit your aching ears’ pain to only three days a week.

If you’re short on cash and you want to fill up that pocket of yours, go ahead. Watch for those KPIs and other three-letter abbreviations, though.


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Although nanny culture is on the rise, there is a surprisingly large market for babysitters, especially through the Orcas partnership program.

If you let go of your complexes and classism and “I’m not someone’s maid“s, you’ll actually find out this is a pretty cool job.

It’s only for a couple of hours, maybe half a day at a time. Also, if it’s late at night, then the kid will go to sleep and you get to enjoy peace, quiet, and a stellar Wifi connection.


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Another part of what platforms like Orcas and Tyro offer, tutoring has been around through quite some time, even if it has been called by different names.

This job gives you the opportunity to spread knowledge, actually help someone, and get paid only in the span of a couple of hours.

Although some of these jobs may sound taxing, there are four simple words that will help you push through them. It’s only part-time.