Who has ever tried to watch “Breaking Bad” and hasn’t become head-over-heels obsessed with it? Well, in terms of being super-obsessed fans, the peeps behind the not-so-subtly-named-after-the-main-character, “Walter’s Coffee Roastery,” definitely live up to this title.


The Istanbul-based coffee shop does not, before anyone gets their expectations up, sell any meth-related offerings, but it does offer some pretty awesome-looking coffee in lab beakers, flasks and basins, allowing you to mix all the ingredients in.  As caffeine-lovers, we’re totally down for this creative coffee-drinking experience.


From waiters dressed in yellow overalls and gas masks, aka meth-making attire from the show, to some of the elements from the periodic table displayed on the wall, the place is just oozing with the “Breaking Bad” spirit sans any hard drugs, so kudos to the owners for being uber creativity.

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Speaking of creativity, let’s point locally for a second. Lately, all the new and glossy venues that have been opening up around our busy capital have been anything but even close to creative, especially when compared to the one mentioned above. I, for one, am pretty much sick of pretentious Baladi-Chic eateries, Lebanese restaurants, and pseudo-European lounges, aren’t you? So dear future entrepreneurs interested in the food & beverages sector, do consider more creative themes and out-of-the-box ideas.

No, this is not some kind of public outcry for a “Ta7t El Saytara”- themed coffee shop, although it has been our nation’s obsession for the past few weeks, but a simple invitation for all creative minds to put their gifts to good use and not just go with the flow, as have most new venue owners seem to have been doing. It’s time we truly revolutionized the food scene in Egypt, because Lord knows we love treating our taste buds more than anything else.