Giza Bomb

On Friday, February 15th, it was reported that a bomb exploded around 1:30 PM in Giza Square.

The primitive bomb reportedly exploded around the area of “El Estekama” Mosque with no confirmed injuries or fatalities yet; according to the early reports from El Shorouk. It was also reported that the bomb exploded while being dissociated.

Moreover, it is said that the attack initially targeted the gathering of multiple police vehicles in front of the mosque.

Some other sources are saying that the bomb did not explode and that it was actually dissociated before anything happened.

However, others are saying the opposite in addition to the pictures being spread around of a broken car glass in the area.

Furthermore, some people on Twitter are saying that there’s another one being turned down at the moment. But there are no official sources that confirmed it yet.

That’s all we know for now and we’ll be updating you with the news as soon as we get them.