Priest Makar Saad

On Monday morning (13-5-2019), it has been reported that one of the workers in St. Mark Orthodox Church in Shubra Al Kheimah shot the church’s priest 4 times with an unlicensed gun causing his immediate death.  

The victim has been identified as priest Makar Saad. Priest Makar reportedly engaged in a fight with one of the church’s workers named Kamal A..

According to witnesses from the scene, this fight progressed resulting in Kamal shooting priest Makar repeatedly, 4 times to be exact, until he dropped dead.

According to several internal sources from the church, this came as quite the shock since only one hour before the incident, both the victim and the shooter were having quite a normal conversation together until shotguns were heard.

Soon after shots were fired, police forces swarmed the crime scene. The priest’s corpse was transferred to the morgue right away, and the shooter had turned himself in and was placed into custody.

What the investigations revealed

Upon interrogation, Kamal A. (the shooter) confessed to shooting the priest 4 times with his personal unlicensed gun.

When asked why, Kamal stated that his motive was that priest Makar broke his promise to help him financially with his daughter’s marriage expenses. So they engaged in a heated argument, which turned into a fight, which eventually turned into a murder.

As of right now, the shooter is still held in custody under the ongoing investigations. No further information has yet been revealed regarding this horrifying incident. So we will be updating this article accordingly.