During our regular breakfast at the office break we were scrolling through Twitter on our phones, and a trending hashtag was about co-workers having breakfast together as well. To our surprise, the man having breakfast was being deported for doing so.

In a desperate attempt for us to finish our breakfast and look into the hashtag as well, we fell into the rabbit hole of confusion; why is this an issue?

The “Egyptian having breakfast with a Saudi woman” hashtag () is apparently causing controversy in Saudi Arabia, because how dare an Egyptian man have breakfast with his female co-worker?

The Egyptian man in question, named Bahaa, posted a video of himself and his female co-worker having breakfast at an obvious working space, and this by itself was a reason for Saudi citizens and the government, to lose their minds, and a valid reason to deport the man.

Saudi citizens started attacking Bahaa and the woman in the video.

Some even used religion as the reason for their attack on the incident.

While others defended the actions of the co-workers.

Some thought this would be an issue for businesses that want to invest in Saudi.

Yet somehow, the hashtag was used as a medium to promote an event about “Building the Future” of Saudi.

In conclusion: We’re confused. Why is this an issue in 2018? Why are Saudis “protecting their women” when they are adults who are eating at their workplace, yet they leave other women who get killed because of the country’s well-known misogyny?

Maybe it’s something to think about next time when you’re having lunch with your co-worker from the opposite sex.