If you follow the news, you probably know how Hollywood, the capital of the film industry, has completely shut down over COVID-19 concerns.

You might’ve also noticed how Egypt hasn’t, until this very moment, done the same. The thing that is making everybody wonder, WHY?

The simple answer to this question is, money. Power production firms controlling most of the industry are refusing to call it quits on all the ongoing shoots.

And despite the fact that many writers, directors and basically everyone that has something to do with the entertainment industry, have been calling a halt for weeks, people in charge are turning a deaf ear!

The main reason behind such decisions (or lack of) comes in light of the upcoming Ramadan 2020 marathon. Producers investing millions in the holy month’s series productions simply don’t want to see it all go to waste!

And while we understand where they’re coming from, we simply won’t tolerate the consequences we are inevitably facing, as a nation, if they continue down that road.

If you’re wondering by now, we know we are, where does the Actors’ Syndicate stand from all this? Let us tell you about how they are merely spectators here.

Ashraf Zaki, Head of the Egyptian Actors’ Syndicate, went on an interview saying how they’re taking the necessary “precautionary measures” while going on with the shooting sessions. Is he even aware the world is facing a pandemic?

No, Mr. Zaki, excluding scenes with many people won’t cut it. Sanitizing sets won’t cut it. And, wearing masks definitely won’t cut it. Now is the time you put an end to this health hazard; your precautionary measures are simply insufficient.

As a consequence, people like Reem El Adl, Youssry Nassr Allah, and Marrianne Khoury have stopped all activities and are joining the protests calling to stop the productions.

Mariam Naoum for one has declared on her Facebook account that she will no longer work in an industry that enslaves people and risks their lives for financial gains.

The topic may not concern you that much, we get it. But let’s picture this together…

While you’re working from home or even on a paid leave, hundreds of actors, cameramen, and freelance workers are forced to go out every day and endanger not only their lives but the lives of those they love.

Can you live with that? Just because the people in charge didn’t make the right decision at the right time? We know we can’t.