Ramses II

Well, seems that our Pharaohs were NOT goofing around! Apparently kings had their own celebration booths back then, and it also looks like they were very significant to the rulers!

In a statement issued on Thursday October 25th, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities has announced the discovery of a really important artifact that belonged to a VERY famous Pharaoh!

The Ain Shams University expedition, headed by Dr. Mamdouh El Damaty, has unearthed Ramses II/Ramses The Great’celebration booth, during some archeological excavations around the area of Matareya in Cairo, Egypt. The very interesting discovery allegedly dates back to the 19th dynasty.

Ramses II

Ramses II

Some parts of the artifact has reportedly been found before, during the last excavations season. But this time, the expedition has found the whole booth, including the seat. Dr. El Damaty has expressed how important this find is, describing the celebration booth as ‘very unique’.

After the ‘unique’ part, we just couldn’t help but try and guess what this booth was used for!

It’s reportedly said that it was used a lot during public gatherings, festivals, coronations..etc. And was really significant to the Egyptian Pharaonic rulers. Well, what makes it so significant though?

Since all we’re seeing right now is sand; we think back then it could’ve had..A big bowl of fruits for instance? And it must have been made of gold! Or at least contained gold; cause hello, we’re talking about the Pharaohs here!

It might have also been covered with colorful silk fabric that suited all the great ‘Pharaonic’ grandeur! And while we’re at it, it definitely was big enough to carry someone to entertain the king. Yes, we do think Pharaos were THAT extra! Don’t you?

Ramses II

Anyway, how interesting is that find really? We hope those amazing discoveries keep coming! And you guys, why don’t you try to guess what this celebration booth contained? Share your thoughts with us! 

Sources: Al Arabiya