By: Nouran Wael
Every girl has been through a relationship that completely changed her life,
we “girls” are the most naïve creatures on earth
We believe anything we’re told by the boy we love without even thinking.
And no matter how strong we pretend to be on the outside we are very fragile inside.
After a longterm relationship breaking up is not easy,you have to go through all the pain “physical and mental pain”,the heartaches and the sleepless nights,and on the other side your ex doesn’t even bother to call or smth.
Having to pretend like everything is okay is really hard,they steal the light inside you and sometimes they pretend like you’re the one who’ve hurt them,ironic isn’t it ?
The saddest part about breaking up is that you have to end the relationship with someone you’re completely in love with,it sounds bizarre but you can continue to be in love with someone even after they’ve hurt you and took you for granted but deep down you know it will never be the same
Sometimes the hardest thing and right thing can be the same.
It’s never easy when a relationship or marriage ends whatever the reason is,A breakup can turn your whole world upside down,and can literally change who you are ,either you become stronger or weaker than before,it’s all up to how you tae it
You’re the one who decides whether to end this in a good way or not.
Breakups hurts  even if the relationship is toxic and no longer good for you because it represents loss,the loss of shared dreams and goals,Your whole world used to revolve around that person.
Recovering is very hard,however you have to know that you can and will move on you will find someone who’s much better.
So how do you move on?
Pretty easy you have to be more focused on your life,find a job that you love,travel more often,do whatever you love so that you can forget.
And if the relationship was toxic and not good for you it should be easier for you to move on
He took you for granted and did you wrong,why would you still love him?
And it’s okay to have different feelings it’s normal to be sad,angry,exhausted and confused these feelings can be intense,but you should give yourself a break from thinking,the most important thing is to never go through this alone,share your feelings with someone close to you tell them how you feel open up to them or even vent to a stranger about everything that goes inside you and it’s okay to cry and let out all the anger inside you.
It’s not an easy process but no one is worth the pain,and just because it’s really painful doesn’t mean that it’s not the best thing for you on the long run or later on
Loving yourself is the most important thing you have to do
love yourself,because who’s going to be there for you?NO ONE, no one but you
You have to pick yourself up,be stronger and happier and find the strength to move on,He Is going to be sorry,He LOST YOU
Stop worrying and forget the past focus on your future and remember how amazing you are.
You don’t need anyone in your life who leaves when someone else comes along or leaves because you’re no longer good enough.
You don’t need anyone in your life who makes you feel like your feelings are insignificant.
You think that he is your world and he makes the sun shines,but no he’s the one who makes your eyes shed tears,he makes you cry yourself to sleep every night
he makes your heartache every time you think about him. HE IS KILLING YOU!
He already moved on and in fact he may have found another victim, If he cares he will make an effort not an excuse.
He puts you through hell and you’re calling it love,no it’s not love it’s an illusion,When love is real it finds a way.
Girls should be more selfish, he doesn’t care about you why would you care about him? Why would you keep checking on him to make sure he’s fine? it’s hard to stop stalking specially for us ‘girls’ stalking runs in our blood and we all know that we work better than the FBI,it’s like an addiction but this addiction has to come to an end
You should live your life to the fullest,do what you love more often,go to dance classes,hit the gym
Pamper yourself from time to time. Show him what he lost.
So to every girl who cried herself to sleep every night over a “fuck boy” you’re beautiful and you deserve someone who treats you as a princess.
You are beautiful because of the light that lives inside of you, but when you give that light away to others, you do not dim. Light expands.