Breakups are tough whether you’re 17 or 24, without a doubt. It feels right, however, when after years of dating the wrong guys, you finally bump into the one who seems just perfect. The harmony can last for a while, when everything starts to fall apart and you inevitably break up. That’s pretty stressful and frustrating, and it gets even worse when you’re in your 30s. You feel that you’ve invested too much into a relationship with someone who couldn’t appreciate your effort. If you’re in such a place, stay with us. Here are some explanations and tips on how to deal with a breakup like a pro.

Getting into a new relationship – 20s vs. 30s


Everything is much easier when you’re in your 20s – especially when it comes to love. Getting into a new relationship seems effortless when you don’t have much experience – making out can quickly transform into something more, and you get to call your crush your boyfriend in no time. Unfortunately, such relationships also tend to fall apart faster because you aren’t cautious enough. On the other hand, getting into new relationships in your 30s significantly differs from the previous decade of your life – you’re much more alert, which means that you don’t rush. Consequently, a breakup will be much tougher and more difficult to deal with when you’re a bit older, simply because you invested much more effort into that relationship.

Be honest about the situation

Once you get to the point where a breakup is the only way out, make sure that you’re honest about the problem you’re facing. When it’s not working – it’s not working, and that’s completely fine. Just take control when the potential threat appears and dealing with a breakup will be much easier for you later on. Remember, it’s okay to point out that there’s a problem in your relationship, so that you can solve it as soon as possible. Honesty is definitely the key to success in such a tricky position.

Deal with your responsibilities


Sorting out who is responsible for what is another crucial thing when it comes to a breakup, especially if you’re an adult who’s sick of playing games. When you’re 30, this means that your life is likely to be intertwined with your significant other’s life – much more than when you’re 20. The process of breaking up becomes even more complex when couples who have moved in together decide to end their relationship. You’ll have to determine custody of pets, to settle debts, and to deal with all the upcoming events you’ve planned on together. That’s the trickiest part, but it has to be done no matter what.

A huge ‘no’ for contacting your ex after a breakup


Another critical thing when it comes to breakups is resisting the urge to contact your ex. Even though long talks may ease your pain and help you feel better immediately afterwards, that’s simply not smart in the long run. Remember that you can potentially be friends later on, but not right after breaking up – that’s not beneficial for either of you. After all, some things are meant to stay exactly where they belong – in the past. So, even though there are loads of tips on how to keep a man, sometimes it’s better to let him go. And don’t contact him under any circumstances!

Yes, breakups are tough – no matter if you’re the one who broke up or the one who was left. It’s true that these get even tougher when you’re in your 30s, but that doesn’t have to be like that. Just make sure to handle everything in a mature and self-controlled way, since that will make your life much easier. It may be difficult to start from scratch in your next relationship, but love is truly unpredictable and it can bring you more happiness than you can possibly think!