eid vibes

Lately, it has come to our attention that the many Eid-y things that we’ve done as children have become things of the past. As childish as they may seem, why not give them a try and bring back our true eid vibes?

Lebs El Eid

One of the many things we’ve always done as children, yet we don’t do anymore. What happened to the eid shopping and store bombarding?

Rice Filled Balloons

Yes, people; they still get sold in the streets. Get yourself one or two and piss everyone around you off with their annoyance. It’s actually really fun.

Family Outings

Although we are very familiar with Tunt and Uncle that you just-don’t-want-to-see, but spending time out with your family during eid is worth it since you’ll be investing this time as a get out of jail free card for any other family outing throughout the year.

Bomb w Sawareekh

When was the last time you threw a bomb or lit up a small sarookh with your friends? Go out and do that again. Revive a tradition so small, but SO entertaining!

Visting The Local Zoo 

Although many would agree that visiting the zoo is a hassle, but still, the zoo has always been a fun thing to do. Yes, it is not the best zoo in the world, but places like it where we grew up to see could be an experience we’re missing out on.


Reiving traditions are easier than you might ever think. When it comes to this year’s eid, we want to go all out; even if it costs the eardrums of our neighbors.