Photo Credits: The Caravan AUC

On Thursday, February 28th, exactly a day after Egypt’s tragic railway station accident, where over 30 people lost their lives; students of the British University in Egypt (BUE) hosted Mahmoud El Leithy in a concert.

This comes on the same day the students of the American University in Cairo (AUC) held the funeral prayer in absentia for the innocent lives lost in the horrific train crash.

Shortly after the AUC Caravan posted a picture of the students praying in the rain on a wet floor, someone made a Facebook post comparing the reactions of both universities.

He shamed BUE for not canceling or rescheduling the concert, as well as those who went and danced their hearts out, instead of mourning the dead and having at least some respect.

While a series of attacks exploded in the comments section praising AUCians for the noble act, people kept shaming BUE and its students whom they thought are completely unexcused.

Honestly, we do know that canceling or postponing concerts and important events is not really any entity’s cup of tea; especially when there are tickets and money involved. However, desperate times always call for desperate measures. And this one was not just any ‘desperate time’ for the whole country.

This was probably one of the most terrible and fatal incidents that had occurred in modern Egypt since 2017: Sinai’s mosque attack, where over 300 lives were lost; and the Wahatt road incident where over 50 police officers ended up dead.

Therefore any excuses from Mahmoud El Leithy or the BUE are really invalid. Those times are when fellow countrymen unify and mourn together, not dance and party the night away, regardless of anything!

BUE is supposed to be a well respected educational institution that should prioritize good manners and noble traits, before even concerning themselves with academics.

With that being said, BUE was not the only entity that violated this supposedly obvious period of national mourning. Actually, Egyptian singer Ali El Haggar had a concert at El Sawy Culturewheel hours after the incident happened, and he still proceeded with it, not even releasing a statement to say why it wasn’t cancelled.

Again, we do understand that people have paid for the tickets and it’s hard to cancel a more or less big event on the same day. But, still, as mentioned before, desperate – more like very critical – times!

And of course, people online have not let this go as well!

It’s also worth mentioning that Mahmoud El Leithy still went ahead with a performance at a famous club on the night of the incident. This is just really sad. And the blame definitely shouldn’t just be completely pointed at him, but also on the organizers who ignored what’s happening around them, as well as those who willingly went to have fun.

Our hearts go out to those affected in the terrible incident, and we really hope for a better tomorrow. But unfortunately, a better tomorrow will hardly come unless we stand together for once, especially during such times.