We all get carried away with work and other responsibilities that we often forget to make time for ourselves!

We watch our stomach grow bigger, our thighs thicker, and our muscles flabbier, and just complain about it. Well, here are some ways to fix this seemingly inescapable issue.


It’s a great way to keep your body and mind healthy. Dancing is everybody’s way out! You don’t really have to master dancing; just dance! It has no rules. Whether it is Hip Hop, Belly Dancing or Ballet; just move around.

Benefits? Studies show that dancing can help you lose weight, stay flexible, reduce stress, combat depression, boost your energy levels, and much more.

Dancing releases endorphins – the hormones most closely involved with happiness –reducing stress and pain, and resulting in a feeling of ultimate well-being. What are you waiting for? Start reaping the many health benefits of dancing today.

Go for a walk or a run in the early morning

To improve and maintain your health is to simply focus on walking or running first thing in the morning. Walking or running in the morning on a regular basis will result in multiple health benefits and it is sure to enhance not only physical health, but also mental and emotional well-being. Take your pupper out and get a little exercise together.

Benefits? It boosts your energy for the rest of the day, creates a positive mindset, promotes weight loss, gives you time to plan out the day, and is good for your heart. Walking in the morning also saves money that could be spent on a treadmill or the gym.

Additionally, walking in the morning could be a way to spend some time alone and reflect, or spend time with a friend who does share the love of walking and being healthy. A 30-minute morning walk or run could never hurt nobody! Let’s get that day planned!

Do some set exercises at home with the family

Think you don’t have time to exercise? Involve your family! You could do sets of push-ups, crunches, squats, or just go Sound of Music style and take your bikes out together. You could even download an app and get moving.

Benefits? You finally made use of your time and not only that, you also brought your family together! Don’t we all look for that bond?

Exercising with family will teach new habits to all members, as well as, improve communication within the unit, and of course create fun memories you could all reflect on later. Not to mention the immense health improvement that you will all experience. What better way to close out your family workout than with a celebratory high-five?

Get a hula hoop

A hula hoop is a toy hoop that is twirled around the waist, limbs or neck. It’s a full body workout and a pretty way to exercise; just ask gymnasts! You might want to try it for at least 8 minutes a day!

Benefits? It improves your spine’s strength and flexibility, is good for your heart, and it will make you feel the calorie burn. Hooping has proven to burn up to 600 calories per hour. After hooping we often feel like younger, stronger, more toned, more confident versions of ourselves! Get that body shaking!

Use dumbbells

Dumbbells are certainly the best way to beef up your home gym and yes, it’s possible to get a complete body workout with dumbbells alone!

Dumbbells are easy to carry around. You can take them with you to the office and exercise! Or you could just workout with them at home!

Benefits? Strength training is actually one of the best ways to improve your longevity! Using dumbbells is crucial to cardio health as it raises the heart rate and moves into the aerobic zone, resulting in improvement in blood cholesterol. Additionally, exercising with dumbbells helps increase bone density, decreasing the risk of fracture. It can also reduce symptoms of many chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, back pain and depression. You can now kiss diseases goodbye!

Use a stability ball

Working out with exercise balls can be great for your body – and especially your abs. A stability ball is a soft, lightweight ball that ranges in diameter.

Your height determines which size ball is suitable for you. The stability ball is designed to stretch and tone the abs, which are part of the body’s core.


It can also be useful throughout the rest of your workout, since you can use it to support your body while lifting dumbbells or performing squats. There are several exercises you can do with a stability ball: stretching, weight-lifting, squats, crunches and more!

Benefits? Using a stability ball will improve your balance and indirectly strengthen your abs. Stability balls strengthen the core, boost endurance, and improve spinal stabilization.

The ball is mainly designed, however, to improve posture, body awareness and balance. Get your ball and start bouncing!


When you’re too busy to go to the gym, you could dance around a little bit, hula in a hula hoop, take a refreshing walk, exercise with your family, buy dumbbells, or bounce on your stability ball. When you’re feeling down and saggy, try those exercise tips, and mark the change in your life!