Eid is almost here! And that means we can finally eat and have our Caffeine again! One of the best things about Eid though is the kahk! And who doesn’t love kahk? All bakeries put them on display and for sale days perhaps even weeks before Ramadan ends. Here are the best bakeries you can get the sugar coated goodness from!

1. Choco Chocola

While this is actually not a bakery but a chocolatier, they make very good kahk for Eid! The cookies are the perfect size, not too small and not too big, and chewy without it being doughy.

2. El Abd

El Abd has been here since before we were even born and for a good reason too. They have some of the best desserts in town and their kahk is no exception. El Abd have several types of stuffed cookies; they are pretty big with a slight crunch on the outside.

3. Dukes

After making a name for themselves with their unique and very tasty desserts, it’s not a surprise that making Eid treats is a breeze for them. They offer the cookies in various flavors including red velvet.

4. Sale Sucre

Sale Sucre has been a dessert stable for many of us, with delectable oriental desserts and of course very yummy kahk.

5. TBS

Everything that TBS makes is absolutely mouthwatering and their ka7k is no different. This year, they are running an amazing campaign where they will add one cookie to every purchased box plus a gift. Customers can choose from 5 gifts; a free cup of coffee, an extra box of ka7k, a box of donuts, your favorite TBS sandwich or a box of brownies from The Four Fat Ladies.