There are many lists that stress on the importance of buying the right sunglasses for your face shape. Though there is no denying the importance of how the sunglasses look on each person, I think there are more factors that contribute to making you look dashing in a pair of sunglasses!

Shape: not of your face but of the sunglasses. The more eccentric the shape, the more appealing it looks. Get out of your comfort zone and trade up from those classic RayBan wayfarers for a thick chunky pair; if you can’t pull it off, go for a modern version of a classic shape.

Colour: When buying sunglasses it’s very important that the colour matches your skin tone. Some colours look great and once you wear them, they are totally washed out or super emphasized. Experiment with different colours till you find one that compliments your skin tone and hair colour.

Brand: High end brand promise great quality and a hit to your wallet. However, buying sunglasses just because they are ‘Gucci’ and then ending up looking like an Arabian fly on the loose isn’t the best image. No matter what the brand is, how it fits you and your style is key to doing it right!

Change: Many people don’t care about sunglasses and use it as mere protection from the sun. Fashionistas know better. We know that the accessory is important in making an outfit; so unless you’re at a beach party (even then it’s debatable) try not to put on those neon sunglasses circa 2000 and late. Mix it up! Even if you don’t care about sunglasses as much, own at least two or three pairs of DIFFERENT designs.

Attitude: Sunglasses protect from the sun. They also protect from being uncool; unless you completely fail to work them. Having the right attitude can make a world of a difference when rocking a new pair. Find it, Love it, Buy it, OWN it.

Listed Brands:

Crap Eyewear




Le Specs