According to the Weed Index 2018 report, Cairo, Egypt came fifth in the rankings of cannabis consumption. The report ranked the top cities per year.

The fifth place was granted to Cairo, due to the consumption of 32.59 tonnes in 2018.

In the first place was New York, which reportedly consumes 77.44 tonnes of cannabis. Pakistan’s Karachi was the second in cannabis consumption for the second year in a row.

It’s worth mentioning that Marijuana is completely illegal in Karachi; the city which consumed 41.95 tonnes in 2018.

Cairo also ranked FIRST in the top 10 cities that could generate the most potential tax by legalizing cannabis.

Cairo was on top of the list if it taxed cannabis at the same rate as the most popular cigarette brand in Egypt. According to Daily News Egypt, Cleopatra is the most popular brand in Egypt, which we are only assuming the study was based on.

However, Cairo ranked second if taxed at the average US marijuana tax rate.


This is interesting, to say the least. Will we witness the day to see hashish saving Egypt’s economy? Who knows!

For the full lists and study methodology, visit Weed Index Report