cairo fashion

You’re here to experience Cairo Fashion Festival through the eyes of a person who has nothing to do with fashion. In other words; a nobody in the fashion world. An honest and fun outsider’s reflection on “CFF”.

cairo fashion

It starts with a terrible cold and a non-stop runny nose. Some sneezing, a constant headache, full body aches; you name it! Picking an outfit, based on the festival’s theme “festive”, was really the least of my worries at that point. Who thought a fashion festival could be festive?! Putting the theme aside, I decided to put on a decent pair of jeans and a blazer with cool brogues; this should never go wrong! Hopefully, the nose won’t take all the spotlight.

Press coming through. Oh dear me! The fabulous red carpet! No one I knew for sure. Friends socializing. People posing for the press. The press trying remarkably to capture any shots of the ‘unknown’ posing people, through the redundant circles of greeting friends. Making it through to the other side was like walking through a packed subway platform.

cairo fashion

On The Other Side

Nothing much really. Arriving at 6:30 and still the event that had already started at 3:00 didn’t look like much. Wasn’t sure what was supposed to be happening other than people constantly capturing shots of each other in their cool, glamorous outfits. Apparently, the theme “festive” meant to go with what your gut tells you to go with. Be it that fabulous gown or that wannabe cool outfit! Be as creative as possible was the theme. Let us thank God I had that press tag around my neck!

Placed right across from the red carpet was the runway booth. The only booth in fact for the next at least 300 meters ahead. At the right hand side was a photo friendly area designed in the most peculiar way. Headless mannequins placed on a three step platform, dressed in what looked like an unfinished fashion line of some sort, with strong spotlights directed on the whole space.

I gathered later on that it was most probably a great spot to get a good shot. I took a few myself, of some interesting looking ‘unknown’ people again. It was quite interesting to see how enthusiastic the attendees were about their outfits, showing them off on the red carpet. Compared to my effort in coming up with an outfit, most outfits were impressive. You could see the effort put in all attendees’ outfits. A true passion for fashion.

cairo fashion

Another hot spot for taking good shots was of course the OPPO booth with its new F9 lights and exquisite decors. They first got everyone’s attention when a talented violinist started playing a few popular songs for the crowd. The booth was another spot where many gathered to take shots or merely socialize.

The least intriguing part about the event was the fashion presentations and the actual runway. It was more about the attendees getting to put on a great look, meet up with friends, socialize and get all glammed up for a red carpet presentation. It was a bit confusing when the socializing started to happen right in the middle of the red carpet though.

As a first timer, it was interesting to see how people are deeply in love and engrossed with fashion and glamour. It felt like another world I was being introduced to for the first time. A big part of that world was truly a magnet for sarcasm honestly speaking. However, if you look closely, you will find true passion and determination in the works of these young designers. Hard work that must be appreciated and acknowledged.

To wrap things up, this article was solely written for fun purposes only and not meant as an insult to anyone whatsoever. We apologize if you find our sarcasm offensive, we just can’t help it!