New spots

By: Rana Ramez

As always, Cairo is witnessing the opening of numerous new spots which for sure will rearrange the city’s map of the must-try destinations. This only complicates matters for the city’s residents; too many options make it harder to choose. Thus, IDENTITY has gathered a list of 10 new spots that are worth trying in Cairo.

1. Posh Nosh

Blending exquisite cuisine concepts with a pub, Posh Nosh is curating a fierce atmosphere with a tasteful ambiance in Tivoli Plaza. With a great menu selection, they stand out in the comfort fine dining trend.

2. Second Cup Egypt

Second Cup offers Cairenes their daily dose of coffee; nothing will set your mood and make you relax like a cup of rich coffee from Second Cup. Located in Mall of Arabia and Cairo Festival City, the place is a haven for all coffee addicts around the city.

3. Babour

Located in the heart of Dokki, Babour is a classic restaurant with chilling décor that will leave you relaxed. It doesn’t only serve homemade Egyptian food, but the recipes are the ones our grandmas used to make! What else could we possibly need?

4. Lyfe

To those looking for a healthier and a much happier lifestyle, you can head to Lyfe in Maadi. Lyfe strives to provide wholesome, nutrient-rich, freshly made tasteful light food within a very chilled venue with an amazing outdoor porch.

5. Mohave

Looking for a Native American experience? Search no more. Only at Mohave in Cairo Festival City mall, you will be guaranteed to try out not only the mouthwatering food, but also experience the culture through their venue’s general ambiance.

6. Seven Doors

Gathering 7 cuisines in one place is why this restaurant stands out. From Italian, French and Greek cuisines passing by Turkish and Moroccan to Lebanese and Egyptian cuisines; you’ll find all that under one roof in Sheraton.

7. Mood Swing

Whatever your taste is and whatever mood you have, Mood Swing has a dish with a musical taste served for you to the sound of live music to satisfy your appetite as well as all your music whims. That’s a spot for feeding your senses in the heart of Korba.

8. Beit Setty

With an old style atmosphere of a simple Syrian home, Beit Setty restaurant is offering a Syrian menu in a small cozy restaurant in Maadi.  With Syrian chefs, you’ll be served authentic Syrian meals in a genuine Syrian ambiance.

9. Yellow Moon

Located in Heliopolis, Yellow Moon offers quality fresh ingredients from farm to table with their own home recipes. Their menu is seasonal; it’s updated regularly according to which season we’re in. You’ll never know what to expect before going there.

10. Louko Mama

Attention all, Greece has just landed in Heliopolis. Louko Mama offers you a real pleasure of different flavours that splash into your mouth; experience the best Louko Puffs in Egypt made the Greek way!