Food is one of life’s greatest joys. Exploring the world and trying different cuisines with your other half would simply be pure happiness; that’s why we spoke to the Cairo Loop couple. They are not just the cutest couple ever, but they also got their audience to travel around the world through their food blog and see how amazing food can be in different parts of the world. We had to sit with this remarkable couple to know more about their experience and their life.

How did you start Cairo Loop?

Hisham: I work in accounting and Dalia works in IT, but two years ago we were lucky to start travelling a lot around the world. We used to document our experiences just for ourselves and our friends. Whenever a friend of ours is traveling somewhere, they would always ask us about our recommendations for restaurants. So one time, while we were having Sushi, we asked ourselves why not take the review thing seriously? And we did just that.


What challenges did you face at the beginning?

Dalia: We’re still facing challenges actually. I think we will always have issues to deal with, but that’s okay. At the very beginning, I had doubts about venturing into the blogging world because I’m a shy person. I feared that my timidity would get in the way, but luckily I overcame that.

Hisham: Enduring times when traffic was low on our page was another challenge. It made us doubt ourselves and consider quitting, but luckily we didn’t! We decided to get into food reviews, found our foot and things started to take off from there.


What is your key to success?

Dalia: Connecting with our audience. We treat them as friends not fans, which creates a kind of bridge between us, a strong connection.


What do you do when you disagree on a review?

Hisham: We work as a team, and that’s why we are more efficient. We share all the work and responsibilities by making sure each one of us focuses on something different. I take care of the photography, while Dalia focuses more on the captions and content in general. However, sometimes we disagree because we have different opinions. Once in a Bedouin restaurant we visited, I found the food tasty but Dalia didn’t like it. However, that didn’t stand in the way of us giving an honest review, where both of us shared their opinion.

What is the best and worst place you visited?

Hisham: We really enjoyed Bali. We had so much fun and really liked the food there. We’re kind of addicted to Paris even though we traveled all over Europe. Australia and Japan are the places we dream of visiting to learn more about their culture and food.
Dalia: Vienna is not our cup of tea; food there is nice but a bit dull and plain for their own taste. And of course our beloved Egypt keeps surprising us with its own beauty and culture.

How do see the future of vlogging and influencers in Egypt?

Dalia: It might change from Instagram as it’s booming now to other platforms. And it might end for those who don’t vary their content.
Hisham: It’s fairly early for vlogging in Egypt and we still have time. I think people are now more educated and they know who to follow and who to unfollow, since we are getting more and more influencers every day.

We thank Cairo Loop for the amazing interview and wish them all the best.