In Juhayna’s Pure new campaign, we were taken back by Dorra’s natural beauty and purity in all her actions. Definitely a good fit for the campaign. The black and white gave us a sense of nostalgia; a longing for the simple good old days. Simple days where everything was effortless and natural. Got us thinking! How can you just go & find your Pure moment no matter what? As simplicity is key to a happy balanced life, we thought of a list of pure life pleasures that might turn your day around with minimal effort:



  • Sitting by the beach


There is nothing more serenading than the sound of crashing waves and all shades of blue in sight.


  • Listening to music really loud


Put your headphones on and zone the world out. Listen to your favorite songs loudly while reciting the lyrics


  • Dancing


Act foolish and let your inner dancer out. You don’t need to have moves like Jagger, you can have moves like Chandler and set yourself free.


  • Random acts of kindness


Seeing someone else happy because of you is rewarding in itself. So keep a water bottle or an item you don’t wear in your car and give it to someone less fortunate of this luxury.


  • Starting the day with a smile


In the morning, a motivational speech from you to you after washing your face to start your day on a positive note. Smile and the world smiles back… It’s true!


  • Try a new sport


Be goofy, be you. Even if you don’t know how to play, give it a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose.


  • Cooking


Try new cooking recipes by being creative and helping your mother in her daily routine


  • Painting


Bring out your inner artist and just paint. Scientifically proven to cheer you up and let out all the negativity in you by one simple act.


What do you do that makes you happy? Share with us The Dorra Effect and Live Pure in every way!