Alburouj has shaken the real estate market with its unheard of 14 year payment plan. This offer has created a buzz like no other in the real estate market as it almost mimics the mortgage facilities in developed countries minus the exaggerated imbedded interest rates.

Alburouj, developed by Capital Group Properties is a client centric company and has come up with this equal installments offer over 14 years to allow its potential customers to purchase the home of their dreams without having to compromise on their living standard in order to pay their installments.

There is finally a real estate company that is on your side, that understands your needs and that will not expect you to compromise to live the life you deserve.

Alburouj gives you 14 years of living

Paid over a period of slightly more than a decade, these equal installments present you with a special opportunity to start managing your expenses in a smart, financial-stress free manner. Alburouj is introducing its new and exclusive 14 year payment plan on all unit types, the first and only one of its kind in Egypt.

Alburouj is doing this to provide their customers with a rarely found flexibility when choosing their first home. This is more than just a manageable and convenient experience for new home-buyers. Alburouj is offering people their dream homes without having to compromise on living.


What is Alburouj

Prospective buyers might be wondering what they’ll be getting other than the appealing payment plan, so they’ll be happy to know that Alburouj is providing much more than that.

Located in East Cairo, Alburouj is an example of a perfectly integrated community that spans over 1,200 acres. The expansive space includes the 72-acre Orchard Park, a majestically scenic escape from the bustling life of the city.

It also includes a number of amenities, centering around entertainment, medical services, education, and others that set it apart from all the other developments.

One example is El Sawy culture wheel, which is home to a wide range of activities and cultural events that provide entertainment for all community members.

Another is the CADMUS school that makes Alburouj perfect for young families. This prestigious school is adamant on providing top-quality education to students.

There are other areas that shape up communities, like business, which is not at all forgotten by Alburouj through the inception of Smart Village East, the fully-fledged business hub that is to become the new business destination in East Cairo.

Other amenities include the medical services, which are provided through Alburouj Medical District’s exceptional specialized health care.

More About The Developer

Established in 2015, Capital Group Properties, also known as CGP, was created to fulfill the needs of the Egyptian real estate market in order to create affordable, sustainable and quality integrated communities.

CGP is owned by the Abu Dhabi Capital Group and Al-Ain properties, both leading global developers with diversified investment portfolios and extensive land banks of worldwide prime locations.

For more information, visit Alburouj’s website or call the hotline at 19333.