Let me take you back, take you back afar. To a time where innocence was a main theme in your life, to a time where your biggest worry was whether or not you were popular at school. A time where you would’ve discovered that you had enough intellectual or artistic curiosity to excel in two or more different fields.

Am I right so far? Then, I’m pleased to tell you that you are a “Mutlipotentialite” and this article is specifically for you.

Like you and many others before you, this might’ve created some discomfort. You over stressed about the fact that you had many aspirations, or felt that you were too different because no one shares what you go through. It’s a heavy burden to carry, especially in the times we exist in now, where we are expected to know and specialise in one specific area and dedicate our lives to excelling as much as we can in that area. Pressure from parents and peers leads to social alienation, purposelessness, apathy and at times depression in the brightest of children and adults.

The beauty that comes with this gift is that it allows you to hit the ground running with whatever ignites a fire within you. When you do take interest in an area, you dive in wholeheartedly and with the passion of a thousand fires, but as soon as you’re done, you cast it aside and search for the next adventure. Which also means boredom is always on the horizon, but that’s a minor setback compared to what you’re really capable of.

You’re gifted in so many ways. As an individual, you’re able to identify a problem and envision its effects on your life in an incredibly advanced way, allowing you to make better and smarter decisions. Also, because you develop interest in so many areas, you are actually able to deal with diverse people of multiple expertise.

You get to wear any hat you want, meaning that we rarely need to seek help from anyone else. We might want to, but we never really need to, because we are bordering on superhuman. Our curious brain and its quest for knowledge has trained it to acquire a skill on a fast pace, developing a thirst for more!

Moreover, excellent leaders we make! our passion can transfer into great motivation material for those who are open enough to truly listen to what we have to say, and oh do we have a lot to say and share, and rightly so. Last but not least, the cherry on top of the cake is the phenomenon that we can easily create something out nothing, whether it be through combining two different areas or seeing an opportunity before others do due to our progressive thinking.

So my dear reader, you are most definitely special, remarkable beyond words.