It’s no news, Cairo is notorious for its high rates of sexual harassment. While it’s only part of women’s daily routine to get catcalled, whistled at or even touched during normal days in Cairo, things get even uglier at times like holidays and Eid.

Since street harassment in Cairo is pretty much inevitable, in an attempt to try and keep damages to a minimum, here are things you could do if you get harassed.

What is harassment?

Everyone knows what harassment is. But let’s brief in those who can’t put it in words. Harassment happens when you are in a situation where someone behaves in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, humiliated or threatened. This someone could be a stranger or someone you know.

What to do if you get harassed?

1) Well, you could always scream for starters.

2) Next thing to consider is legal action. Head to the nearest police station and file a report about the incident.

3) You could also call the Egyptian Women’s Complaints Operating room on the following numbers: 15115, 01099299191, 01007525600. Or you could email them your complaint at [email protected]

4) Finally, if you do some research, you could actually find many campaigns that offer support to victims of harassment on the spot!

A word of advice, you should never let it go. It’s your basic human right to be safe walking down the streets in your own country. Whether you resort to legal action or you pulled the old school methods, know that no one could blame you!

So, what is the punishment for sexual harassment in Egypt?

Verbal sexual harassment carries a minimum sentence of six months in prison and a fine of 3,000 Le. While sexual contact without consent can bear up to a minimum sentence of one year and a fine that ranges between 10 to 20 thousand pounds.

Street harassment is nothing but the surface of deeply rooted hatred and discrimination towards women.

That’s the issue we all need to address. While we do understand that these steps are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to resolving the issue, the main reason behind the problem is not just the passing and enforcement of the law.

However, baby steps will be needed to finally resolve the issue.

Start by protecting yourself in order to protect other women!