Just like “Humans of New York” some cat lovers decided to make a Facebook page called “Cats of Egypt” to document the life stories of our dear Egyptian cats. And our faith in Facebook is finally restored!

We contacted the page, closer to a photo-blog, that’s flooded with street portraits and interviews of stray and house cats collected from all over Egypt sharing their heart-touching stories and we discovered, it actually reflects on our society!

The Long Lost Cats

Meet Rose, A stray cat that enjoys the Port Said hospitality. Let’s hope all stray cats in Egypt are met with the same kindness!

The Boujee Cats

We often meet runaway cats on the streets. Usually these ones are more endangered than the others. Be extra nice to them!

The Political Cats

Unfortunately, the Egyptian cat (like the one below) is not as adorable and attractive as the foreign breeds. Which is why they are mostly met with cruelty on the streets. Maybe this story could change that?

The Responsible Cats

If you’re a parent who’s totally against their kids having pets, think again..

The Conservative Cats

If a stray cat decides to accompany you on your table at the coffeehouse, please, show some respect!

The Super Cats

In Cairo, many places frown upon feeding stray cats over hygiene concerns. Maybe next time you happen to be in such place, talk some mercy into them! We could still feed them and keep the place clean.

Finally, our timelines will no longer be boring!