long distance

Celebrating Valentine’s day when in a long distance relationship seems impossible, but it is not. Instead of taking the easy way out and whining about how you two won’t be able to celebrate Valentine’s day, try following this list and make the best out of it.

#1: Have a Skype Date

Set a specific time throughout the day for your date. Have both your laptops fully charged and ready for this Skype date. It might seem like a lame idea, but believe me, it works like magic. Dress up as if you both are going out together, have your meals ready and impress each other!

#2: Ask for Their Friends’ Help

If you know any of your partner’s friends, try calling them a couple of days earlier and arrange for flowers or any small sentimental gift. It would be a really cool idea that is totally unexpected.

#3: Surprise Them With a Gift

If you are part of a long distance relationship, you wouldn’t expect to receive a gift on Valentine’s day. It would be a great idea to surprise your partner with a gift, by either purchasing one online or giving them one right before they leave for them to open it on Valentine’s day.

#4: Be Extra Mushy

Of course, you should always be caring and lovey-dovey, but try doing it excessively on Valentine’s day. Most probably you two feel lonely and miss one another A LOT, so being extra cute on that day will help in filling the void a little bit.

#5: Watch a Movie Together

It doesn’t need to be a romantic movie; it can be any movie that you two want to see together. Plan a certain time and stream the movie; you can chat and discuss the movie’s events through it all.

#6: Prepare Handwritten Letters

Have a set of letters prepared before your partner travels and assign dates to each letter. It will be a really nice gesture, will keep the fire burning and will make you enjoy long distance a little bit more.

#7: Plan a Surprise Trip if You Can

If you have the time and money, then plan a surprise trip to see your partner on this special day. It will make your partner fall for you endlessly because of such gesture.

Celebrating Valentine’s day is very heartwarming, however what is even more important is to celebrate your love daily without needing a reason to do it.