High School Musical

We hate to break it to you, but 13 years have passed since High School Musical was first aired on Disney Channel.

No matter how tough we like to act, we can’t deny how much of an impact it left on us.

In celebration of High School Musical finally turning into a teenager, we’ve decided to take you on a trip down memory lane to remember all the best moments of HSM:

1# The Start of Something New

Remember the first time our favorite couple got on stage and sang together on New Year’s Eve? We can’t believe that neither Troy nor Gabriella thanked the guy who pushed them on stage.

2# Team Gabriella vs Team Sharpay

People, especially girls back then, were split into two teams: Team Gabriella and team Sharpay. However, the Gabriella people were the majority, you can’t deny that.

Also, didn’t you guys think that it was weird how each movie of the trilogy ended in the same way?

Like how Gabriella and Sharpay always hated each other throughout the 90 minutes, but with the last song playing they either hug each other, wave, smile or hold hands.

3# What Team?

If you didn’t immediately scream “WILDCATS” then what are you even doing here? Troy and Chad’s basketball team was just everything! And we wanted to join them so bad.ย Didn’t you?

4# When the basketball team made Troy break Gabriella’s heart!

The heartbreaking moment when Troy’s teammates tricked and forced him to admit in front of a webcam that he doesn’t care about Gabriella and that all he’s focusing on is basketball. Such a bad move!

5# We’re All In This Together

Together, together, together, everyone” Need we say more? The dance moves we ALL learned to dance to, together!

6# The Summer Song

What time is it? Summertime; it’s our vacation!
Okay don’t fight us, this is the best movie opener EVER!
Remember when the class was counting down the seconds until their summer vacation started? This was basically everyone’s dream at school!

7# The “T” Necklace

When Mr. Romantic AKA Troy Bolton gave Gabriella a pretty necklace with a “T” pendant for “Troy”. We all remember how all the girls swooned at this moment!

8# Sharpay’s “Fabulous” Wardrobe

Other than the amazing choreography for the song “Fabulous” in High School Musical 2, Sharpay’s fashion choices for the whole movie and the swimsuits for this song were on point! (Of course, looking back now, not quite)

9# “I Know, I’ve had them”

Remember when we were all frustrated because Sharpay made it her mission to steal Troy from Gabriella?

She basically made her family adopt him for the whole movie and that’s when the drama club got even closer so Ryan tasted Gabriella’s mom’s brownies and Troy was jealous!

10# Bet On It / Scream

That’s when Troy was all of us! People, especially the indecisive onesย at school and nearing graduation, all found Troy relatable singing Bet On It in HSM 2 and Scream in HSM 3. He got all of us stressed, lol!

11# The Everyday and Gotta Go My Own Way Drama

How extremely dramatic was it when Troy and Gabriella were kind of breaking up in HSM and were singing “Gotta Go My Own Way”? Or the happiness we all felt when she appeared out of nowhere when Troy was supposed to sing “Everyday” with Sharpay?

12# Miley Cyrus appearing in “All For One”

That was a GOLDEN moment! People who watched High School Musical at that time also watched Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus appearing at the end of HSM 2 was EVERYTHING!

13# 16 Minutes

“16, 16, 16 minutes left, running out of time. 16, 16, 16 more minutes, get ready, game on!”

The beginning of HSM 3: Senior Year was just the catchiest thing ever. We were on the edge of our seats in fear of the Wildcats’ loss, but we all knew they won’t just lose like that, right? And when Gabriella’s “You can do it, just know that I believe” gave Troy the strength he needed!

14# “Can I have this dance?”/ Gabriella Leaving

Another heartbreak we all had to witness because of HSM!ย 

When Gabriella had to move from East High, leaving Troy, Kelsey, the drama club and even Prom behind! But all our broken wounds were immediately treated when he went to her and they both danced on “Can I Have This Dance!” ,ย then went to prom!

15# PROM/ A Night To Remember / Just Wanna Be With You

Vanessa Hudgens (left), Zac Efron (right)

The choreography, the lyrics, the acting. Basically, everything about the prom show was amazing! It was really a night to remember. However, don’t you just feel sad and confused because we never actually had a REAL prom before it was over?



This was like… THE BEST scene! When it was all done and the guys were graduating, they all danced to “High School Musical” and made us SO emotional.

17# The Last Stage Scene

The time when they looked at the camera and directly smiled at us for the first time, and then jumped their famous jump for the last time ever.

Hope you guys enjoyed this High School Musical trip down memory lane, we know we did! Share your thoughts with us in the comments and let us know what else you remember from the trilogy!ย