The third edition of El Gouna Film Festival (GFF ) is in the happening right now and we just can’t get enough of all the celebrities fashion extravaganza!

So, in honor of the occasion, we decided to reflect back on our favorite celebrities red carpet style choices throughout the span of the festival’s 3 years.

Amina Khalil

Amina Khalil is hands down, one of our top favorite actresses. What we love most about the young sensation is that she always expresses a sense of uniqueness in her boho style. However, when we look back to all her GFF choices, it seems like she’s too afraid to express herself!

Mona Zaki

We say this with heavy hearts, but Mona Zaki’s red carpet style has been going downhill ever since the festival’s 2nd edition. The baby blue dress wasn’t her best either, but it was so much better than this year’s feather fiasco!


Now, that’s a story of fashion success. When reflecting on Youssra’s GFF looks, we instantly feel a smooth transition and a wiser sense of style throughout the 3 years. She came a long way from that golden dress, huh?


A fan or not, one simply can’t deny the constant fashion glow of Durra. Starting with GFF’s first edition in 2017, not for once did she fail to leave us in awe. If anything, she is rising more and more to our expectations each event!

Saba Mubarak

This Jordanian beauty is not new to being the talk of every red carpet event. She is bold, alluring and confident in all her looks. Nevertheless, this year, her dress didn’t dazzle us like the previous years!

Arwa Gouda

If Arwa Gouda is known for anything, it would be the fact she’s a daredevil when it comes to fashion. This beauty fears nothing. Going all white, leather on leather or even metallics!


Bushra sure knows how to let people know she’s the boss in Gouna. We barely have any negative comment on the 3 dresses, they just slay!

Yasmine Sabry

With Yasmine Sabry, the pictures speak for themselves. The color is always off, the dresses are not well fitted and poorly designed. Such a shame to see this beauty go to waste.

Jamila Awaad

For the past two years, we have been rooting deeply for Jamila Awaad. For both her transcending acting skills and impressive red carpet looks. Unfortunately, this year didn’t add up. The dress looked a bit cliche and the hairdo was just weird!


The Lebanese actress may have failed us a little with this year’s opening dress, but we are more than willing to forget and forgive especially that she more than made up for it the following day and also because her look from last year was absolutely dashing.

Raya Abi Rachid

Though we lover her, Raya’s dress from last year was way more elegant and progressive than this year’s. That violet shade design just gave us a met gala vibe that we can’t forget.

Tara Emad

Whoever said models actually lack style, clearly doesn’t know Tara Emad. She sure knows a thing or two about making a fashion statement.

Laila Elwi

From that baby blue dress in 2018 to the classy black one this year; Laila Elwi’s style keeps evolving and apparently it’s not stopping anytime soon!