By: Sara Mahmoud Mohamed

For years women driving in Saudi Arabia was considered an endless debate, as the kingdom was the only country in the whole world that didn’t allow women to drive! Surprisingly, King Salman made the decision yesterday and lifted ban on women driving. This is considered a big move towards Saudi women’s freedom.

The ban will be officially lifted by next summer, but that didn’t stop celebrities around the world from expressing their happiness.

1. Rihanna

Bad gal Riri took to instagram to express her happiness.

2. Ivanka Trump

3. Kris Jenner

4. Dua Lipa

As for Arab celebrities, the reactions couldn’t be better.

5. Nasser El Kasby

6. Elissa

7. Badria El Beshr (famous Saudi writer)

Congratulations to all the Saudi ladies, and a big yay to women empowerment.