Being a celebrity puts you in the spotlight 24/7…shockers. A regular activity like eating an extra cheese burger can create an online article with thousands of views, just because a celebrity name is on it. As human beings, things sometimes flip or go out of hand and we do stupid things. Fortunately, we’re nobodies. Our stupid deeds gradually die out and become forgotten; yay for being a nobody! That’s not the case with celebrities though. Here some of the stories that could have died out and been left untold, if celebrity names weren’t involved!

1. Jared Leto

The 30-Seconds to Mars frontman, who played The Joker in Suicide Squad, introduced himself to the cast by sending them a dead pig and Margot Robbie a black rat in a box. “The henchman came in with a dead pig and plopped it on the table and then he walked out. And that was our introduction to Jared Leto.”jared-leto-as-the-joker-in-suicide-squad

2. Bruce…Caitlyn? Jenner 

In an eight hour transformation surgery, Bruce changed his male genitalia into that of a woman. Bruce…or Caitlyn now wowed us with her smoking body and big gorgeous hair. Can we get a 2 hour transformation?AP_Jenner_ESPY_2_4x3_992

3. Josh Duggar

Duggar is an American television personality, political activist, and former used car salesman. He’s known for his appearance in the reality TV show ’19 Kids and Counting’ which revolved around his life and the life of the whole Duggar family. However, his show got cancelled after he admitted to molesting five girls, including his sister’s kids!josh-duggar-09022015

4. Charlie Sheen 

After years of partying and wild sex, Sheen revealed that he caught HIV four years ago. He has been dealing with the sickness and paying people to keep quite. He admitted that he should have been more responsible.charlie-sheen-hiv-positive

5. Bill Cosby 

Cosby admitted to using drugs and fame to get women to sleep with him, often offering money and career advice to buy their silence. Earlier in the year, a number of women came forward saying that he had drugged and sexually assaulted them.