With the African Cup dominating headlines, Cairo Festival City Mall is determined to give you an unparalleled African Cup experience. For those who are not attending the matches, Cairo Festival City Mall is bringing you a unique stadium-like experience at Cairo Festival City Mall Arena.

Cairo Festival City Mall Arena returns this year with more to offer! The arena has a huge screen; allowing you to genuinely experience the stadium’s vibes. Cheer along with the crowds in a fun outdoor atmosphere as you enjoy delicious bites and drinks from the Arena’s food kiosks.

You and your friends can enjoy Cairo Festival City Mall Arena without paying tickets or standing in long lines. Being a shopping and entertainment hub, Cairo Festival City Mall offers you a better and easier way to enter the Arena.

To watch EGYPT’s matches, as well as semi-finals and finals, simply follow these steps:

Step 1:

Spend 300 EGP in Cairo Festival City Mall stores from 16 June to 19 July, 2019

Step 2:

Present your receipts at the Customer Service Desk, up to 3 days before each match

Step 3:

Get 2 passes for every 300 EGP spent


For the rest of the matches, you need to present any original Cairo Festival City Mall receipt dated between the 16th of June & 19th of July 2019 at the Arena gate to enter. Every receipt grants entrance for one person.

Cairo Festival City Mall is keen on sharing every special occasion with their visitors and shoppers. Therefore, they are determined to redefine the African Cup experience and allow visitors to enjoy their time to the fullest.

Cheer for Egypt with Cairo Festival City Mall!