Five years ago, Cairo Festival City Mall (CFCM) opened its doors and our eyes to a whole new level of fun and luxury. Over the years CFCM has changed the typical definition of malls. It has become our go-to spot for shopping for our favorite brands, fun times with friends, watching our favorite artists performing live, or finding our next home. This and so much more has earned CFCM its place in the hearts of all its customers.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there. In its fifth anniversary, CFCM is promising us a month full of gifts, surprises, and celebrations. Gathering years’ worth of memories in just one month, CFCM has planned an anniversary celebration that is, to say the least, to-die-for.

Let the fun begin! 

All you have to do is present them a proof of purchase with a minimum amount of 1,000 EGP. They will then give you a ‘celebration pass’ which is like your very own key to Ali Baba’s magical kingdom.

CFCM is making sure everyone gets to feel like a winner. This is why they are promising that there will be random surprises for lucky winners every day. What are the surprises? Once you’ve gone through all activations, you get to enjoy an exceptional experience with CFCM celebration box, which gives you a chance to win very generous gift vouchers from the mall or a trip to Paris!

Yes, you read it right; you actually have the chance of winning a TRIP TO PARIS! In honor of their 5th anniversary, CFCM has arranged for their grand prize to be 5 trips to Paris for 5 whole days.

Talk about a lot of dreams coming true all at once! 

If lady luck still hasn’t smiled at you, don’t worry, CFCM is intending to include all of us in their festivities. How? By blessing our weeks with a weekly entertainment schedule that includes concerts by some of our favorite artists. Continuing to live up to their reputation as one of Egypt’s major entertainment hubs; they are also preparing a very special CFCM celebration on November 26th which coincides the mall’s anniversary.

Now if all of this is for their 5th anniversary, then we really can’t wait for the next five years to pass so we can see what their 10th anniversary has in store for us. In the meantime let’s savor every remaining moment of this glorious month. But don’t wait too long, it ends on December 7th.