This year almost all holidays are on weekends, and we are mostly or nearly broke. Many are struggling with their months allowance in the long vacation and are as poor as that rat stealing the pizza!


It’s okay though, we got you covered! You can still take your family out or chill with your friends this Eid without spending a fortune.

Go to an art gallery or a museum


Get cultured by only spending less than 5 LE, or nothing at all. This is especially smart if you’re a family man/woman. You’ll learn some history, view some art, not spend money, and have some bonding moments with your loved ones.

Go to a concert or an event


Concerts are usually no more than 30 LE. Check out the schedules for places like the Culture Wheel, 3elbet Alwan, Room Art Space, Darb 1718, etc.

Go on a felucca


You can take all your friends, or family, on a felucca and pay no more than 100 LE – and that’s being generous, because Eid. You could bring your own music, food and drinks and enjoy the trip.

Go camping


You could go camping in Wadi Degla Protectorate, or bring some food and have a barbecue. The entry fees is 3LE for Egyptians, 5 LE for foreigners, 3 LE for car entrance, and 10 LE to stay over in the camping area for one night.

Go for a walk, or cycle


You can take the extra time you usually don’t have and walk around the city and explore new places, or rent a bike and marathon through the busy streets of Cairo.

Throw a house party


Have people over and make it a dish party/B.O.B and it will cost you nothing but cleaning up after.

Have a movie/video game marathon

Pick a long series of movies, or a multiplayer video game and have a marathon.

Do nothing!


Enjoy the days off at home. Relax, have a bathe and do nothing AT ALL!