When the temperature drops, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for a stylish home. Here are some home decorating tips, using fur, to make you feel warm and comfortable in style..

1- Whoever said winter meant darkness
Love how there is so much going on when you have multiple decorative elements around. The turquoise accentuates it all; it energizes me just by looking at it!
I love is the countless patterns in here the most: There’s the zigzag geometric pattern in the carpet, as well as the different patterns and fabrics of the cushions; yet it’s still visually beautiful.

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2- The sun is here, let it shine.

– If you are lucky enough to have a sunny room, let that be the focal point of your design. Never hide the windows behind curtains or simply add neutral coloured curtains.
Make your room exciting and throw fur on the chair; make it the center of attention.

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3- Less is more.
You can easily fill a space without overcrowding it. See how a faux fur carpet could give you a fancy look and warm up your bathroom.

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4- Dress your bed.
Add a fur throw or fur bedding for a more elegant, relaxed, and cozy night.

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5- Throw a throw.

You can easily throw fur on a window seat, bench or couch to warm up your seat.
Nothing beats sinking into the luxurious folds of a faux fur throw on a cold dark evening next to the fireplace while reading a good book and drinking hot chocolate.

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6- Invite everyone to curl up. (with faux fur pillows and throws).

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7- Deception.
Warm up any space by laying a fur rug on wood, cold ceramic tiles, or marble
– You can simply make any space look bigger and better with larger area rugs.
N.B: smaller rugs are used to expand a cramped space.

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8- Unexpected style fur touches.


9- Transform idol space into a functional one.
Build a fireplace in the empty corner of your room; it will be quite useful on freezing winter evenings. F Flair the room with a fur rug.


10- Only in winter.
Detachable fur could be dressed to your seats and benches in winter; and you can easily remove it by summer.

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