If there’s one way to understand a culture, it is not through the history books, it is through their food; yes food. Food is a universal language that we all speak – and this is why Heliopolis Towers Hotel introduced a new concept of brunch, “Chefs United Brunch.”

We had the chance to attend the opening of the new concept. Since the opening had to be special, it was brought by Cairo’s finest wine brand “Cheers.”

The “Chefs United Brunch” took place at Aqua E-Luce restaurant and brought the world’s most exquisite dishes to one table in a unique event. The country’s most exclusive business influential figures, celebrities and food enthusiasts attended the event to demonstrate the admirable passion behind the cuisine.

As soon as we arrived, Aqua E-Luce’s friendly staff greeted us and offered a variety of drinks that made us want to take the whole tray and run. But since we are responsible adults, we opted for one of Cheers’ wines and took a tour around the place to see what’s really going on.

Now for the most important part of the event – the food – it was every foodie’s dream come true. The chefs surprised attendees with a fusion of myriad tastes from all over the world. We truly felt like we traveled around the world in just a few bites.

Where did we go during the event? We started with a trip through Asian cuisine with some mouthwatering Thai food. We were then taken to another Asian cuisine with some of India’s best street food style that did not make us regret the food we ate later. If that is not an accomplishment, we do not know what is.

We then left to Mexico with some of the best tacos we’ve had in our whole lives – and trust us, we’ve had lots of tacos before. Jumping to another continent, there was the French corner, where we felt classy and sipped through our wine like the fancy people we think we are.

And since we’re Arabs, we like our Arabic food, and Heliopolis Towers Hotel did not disappoint! The Lebanese corner met us with the Middle Eastern food we love – grilled food with a lot of rice and all the seasoning our moms use!

Going from tacos to sushi, to traditional grilled Lebanese dishes to combinations of salads; the mix between Europe, Asia, and Middle-Eastern traditional plates altogether with the music and the November winter breeze created a general air of happiness and delicious bliss.

If you think you missed out on all the fun, have no fear. You can still make it to the “Chefs United Brunch” every Friday from 2:00 to 6:00 PM at Aqua E-Luce restaurant, Heliopolis Towers Hotel.