By: Aya Mahmoud

We meet different people through life and categorize them based on the type of relationship between us, but I’ve always wondered how to identify if this person is our best friend. Is there a criteria list? Do we have to go through certain things together to realize that? There is no specific answer, but we do know that eventually we find this person there for us whenever we need their support. Maybe some of us haven’t found this friend yet and are praying to find them, but we all know that they do exist. We asked some people about their favorite moments with their best friends, and this is what they had to say. We know this person is our favorite person on the planet when they don’t judge us; they never use our mistakes to make an assumption about how we can be sometimes. We all have our vices, but that shouldn’t change our best friend’s mind about us.

I fell in love with my friend’s partner and my best friend knew everything about it and she has always warned me against it. My friend knew about my feelings and everything fell apart, but that never stopped my best friend from being there for me.” – A.H

We should always thank our best friend who’s there for us at our worst times; and by worst times I mean real worst times.

I had cancer and the moment I discovered it, I’ve turned into a drama queen. I blamed everyone for what I’m going through. My best friend searched the internet to learn more about my illness, dropped by my house as often as possible and was there for me everyday at the hospital. – R.S

Friends who have got each other’s back are considered to be the healthiest type of friends because despite the amount of arguments they have, they will always find their way out.

“I had a family issue with my dad and he refused to pay me my lesson’s monthly fees so I didn’t go that day. While thinking of ways to make money so I could pay them, I found out that my best friend had paid them that day without even mentioning it.– A.K

You should always thank your friend for sharing your goofiest, most favorite and important moments with you. It would have never been the same if he wasn’t there; he always gives you the attention and care you need right at that time.

My best friend has been saving every movie ticket we watched together, writing down everything I like while we’re together so he can get it for me later. He has helped me out with my first job and constantly calls me to remind me of my medicine timings.– A.M

People sometimes follow their extreme thoughts though they harm themselves before harming anyone else, but that doesn’t change the fact that they still need their friends’ support.

I’m an ex drug addict. I went through many phases of frustration and hopelessness, but she was there all the time and helped me know who I am once again and heal myself from what I went through. She helped me get back my mental strength and regain the ability of taking the right decisions. – F.I

We’re all different, personality and traits-matter different, but we own it to ourselves to have the compatible one that takes us for who we are and cherish the memories made with them.