By: Amina Hussien

Egyptian cinema brought us many young cute faces that we adored, but no one remains a kid forever. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to remind you how awesome these actors really were.

1- Maha Ammar

Maha was the cutie pie of the movie “Harmia Fi Thailand”; the way she walked, talked and everything she did was just eye candy. She is currently studying directing in Germany, and we believe it won’t be too long before we see her directing one of the big movies.

2- Hady Khafaga

The troublemaker kid in “Abo Ali” and the poor kid that made us cry in “Alhag Matwali” is now the sexy guy who shows off his muscles. Khafaga is all set up for a leading role in the new movie called “Sida”.

3- Youssef Othman

The megastar that caught our eyes with his  impressive acting skills at a very young age alongside huge stars in “Baheb El Cima” has been quite busy lately. Youssef shined in “Nisr AL saaid” even though he was playing one of the hardest roles in Egyptian drama, yet he managed to leave his mark.

4- Enas Abdallah

She was the crazy and outgoing kid that made her dad lose his mind in “Alhafeed” movie, and told everything about her older sister in “Elzwag Aala Eltreka Elhadesa”. When she got older, she worked as a TV host.

5- Ekram Ezo

Back to black and white; Ekram was daddy’s girl in “Al Saba3 Banat” and the tiny creature in “3a2eilet Zizi”. She also played more than one role as a boy; one of them was in the movie “Albnat Wa Alsaif”.

6- Ahmed Farhat

Farahat rocked the old comedy movies with his sense of humor.  His reactions were priceless in the remarkable movie “Ser Ta2eyet Alaa5fa”. And who doesn’t remember “Eshaat Hoob” and his adorable stand-up comedy scene? When he finished school, he worked in another field but still appeared in many TV shows to talk about his interesting experience.

7- Menna Arafa

Menna is really older now and is not actually trying to fake it. She left her mark in more than one movie. In Matab Sana3y, she became a meme lately with “mtmshish”, but her role in “Ragl Wa Sit Setat” made her have presence on TV. She’s now trying to make a comeback in her new look.


What if one of our magical directors brought all these stars together in one series? It would be a great show and a huge opportunity for them to prove that they still rock.