If there is anything millennials agree on, it’s that we love our nostalgic moments. The 90s throwbacks are what we thrive on. Lucky for us, we live in a time where we can easily visit the places that give us the fuzzy nostalgic feelings and discover that they’re still as good as they were when we were kids.

One of the most nostalgic places for Egyptian millennials has to be Chili’s. Who can forget family time? The birthdays? The first dates? We didn’t even know it was possible to add flavored syrups on sodas till we got Chili’s in our lives.

Now that we got you feeling all warm and fuzzy, it’s time to depress you just a little bit and make you feel old. Chili’s will be turning 25 years old. Yes, you read that right!

Instead of leaving us to feel bad about getting old, Chili’s decided to actually give us a good celebration and let us relive our memories. How do you ask? By launching a competition that will make us forget that we’re actual adults with responsibilities, and let us enjoy being competitive kids again.

Being the first place to introduce the BIG MOUTH BURGERS to Egypt, Chili’s is now out with four new mouthwatering, juicy, melting 250 grams of beef love. And, of course, topped with Chili’s signature toppings. From spicy to the forever loved Nacho toppings.

Not only that, but Chili’s is also daring you to finish them all in an “All you can’t eat burger competition”.

Chili’s is launching a competition to find the new Chili’s BurGURU; or in other words, Chili’s is looking for “Batal Masr fel BURGER”.

Let us give you all the details for the “BurGURU” all you can eat competition!

The competition will take place at all the Chili’s branches and will be launched on the 7th of September at Chili’s City Stars. Each other branch will be hosting the event every Saturday from September to October. Giving all you burger buddies the time to eat your way to the top!

Pick the nearest branch to your home and apply now through their Facebook page or through this link:

Then, the folks at Chili’s will pick the ultimate champion of every Chili’s branch to be qualified to the last and final event. The champion will be crowned as Batal Masr Fel Burger “EL-BURGURU”!

With each branch having a winner, these winners can double up their scores by simply ordering one of the four new burgers, and posting its picture using the #nameburguru hashtag on Chili’s page.

Every burger counts!

You must be wondering by now, what will the lucky winners receive, right? We know we are!

The first Guru winner will win a whole free year of eating at Chili’s. But more importantly, a free vacation to Lebanon for two people.

The second place winner will win an iPhone X and the third, a PlayStation 4!

That’s not it, even the delivery contestants can win too! The more you order, the bigger your chance at winning.

You can order through Chili’s on 19002 or their delivery partner, Otlob. With that said, brace yourselves, and make sure to wear extra comfy pants and let the food be served!

Winners will be announced weekly, and the top winners of the competition at the end of the month.